How do you dress for Church?

  • Polo, Shorts & Boat Shoes
  • Pressed Suit, Tie & Polished Shoes
  • Nice Dress, Jewelry & Unpolished Shoes (because the Nuns used to tell us the boys could see up our skirts if we wore shiny shoes)
  • Nice Dress, some/no Jewelry & a Chapel Veil
  • Screen-printed Christian T-Shirt, Jeans (no holes) and Sneakers
  • Button-up Shirt, Khakis & a fresh pair of Sambas
  • Something Nice, but Comfortable Enough to Conceal My Protective Firearm
  • Sports Jersey of my favorite Team (even though they are not that good this year)
  • Hawaiian Shirt, Shorts & Sandals
  • Spaghetti-Strap Tank-Top, Shorty-Shorts & Flip-Flops
  • Fancy Dress with a Large Derby Church Hat
  • Fancier Dress with a Larger Derby Church Hat
  • Religious Habit
  • Vestments
  • Choir Robe
  • Superman/Spiderman Pajamas
  • Other/None of the Above
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