Do you have hope for the Church?

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I am Gray Pilled.

On one hand, most men answering God’s call to to the Priesthood since 2002 are doing it for good reasons. This gives me hope.

On the other hand, we see some previously ordained clergy trying to make the Church in their own image or some sort of democracy (where whatever modern culture desires or calls “good,” they think the Church ought to follow).

This is why we need more young men to step up and protect that which is truly good & beautiful; not push the inversion of it. We need to bring back the reverence and awe of God.

Lord, thank you for the great Priests you have gifted us during this moment in time. Give all faithful Priests whom you are well-pleased a big spiritual hug and let them know how much You love them. I also Pray for all the not-so-good Priests who, though their hearts might be in a good place, their disregard for Your apostolic teachings are actually doing more damage than good. We need both Your truth and grace. Amen

I am pessimistic. The number of faithful Catholics is dwindling, and the degradation of the culture is increasing.

I’m hopeful, many teenagers like me are returning to the faith. In my Christian club at school there are many kids at the meetings. I’m not sure what they do for their prayer life and stuff, but it’s happening.

On the other hand, I just find myself worried about progressive/liberal views invading the church now that modern times are so… You get it. And religion is hated SO much now! I can’t browse the internet anywhere without see religious hate. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence come to mind, which was disgusting. And everyone just doesn’t care! The media is filled with anti-Christian views too.

But I choose to stay hopeful and pray.


I feel bad for your generation. When I was your age, we didn’t really pay much attention to the News and Politics. Everything has become political these days and the youth are being used. My advice is hang out with your friends and be the light in the world that you want to see in this world. You don’t have to get drunk or drugged-up to have fun. Try not to be influenced by the influencers, but rather to influence others to love as Christ loves us.

When I met the girl that would become my Wife, she was very active in her Youth Group. And I loved how they would do things together outside of Youth Group. They were genuine friends.

It helps to walk this journey with others who love the Lord. And life is more fun when we live it in person than behind a screen. I am guilty of spending way too much time on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, when I could be spending time with Family, Friends, and with God. Forums like this, however, are a better use of our time than on TikTok or other clout-chasing platforms.

Tonight I have my weekly Bible study/Prayer group. The hardest part sometimes is showing up, especially when it is cold outside. But, every time I go, I am so glad I did. I also do a Bible study with someone I work with through the YouVersion Bible App. I get to share my Catholic Faith with her and she gets to share her brand of Christianity with me. Who knows, maybe one day she will become Catholic, the original Christian Church, founded by Christ our savior.

You will have plenty of time for politics, but always make time for God and others. Many who do not have a relationship with Christ, tend to make politics their Religion. And people tend to mock that which they do not understand. In John 15:18, Jesus says, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first.” God Bless.

The amount of bishops standing up to Francis gives me immediate hope that we won’t end up with Francis 2.0 at the next conclave.

In the long term, I’m supremely optimistic because the Church is the bride and body of Christ.

Also, the amount of young families flocking to the TLM lets me know that people are still drawn to traditional Catholic teaching.