Children and Screens: Tech Rules in a Catholic Household

When my Wife and I taught CCD, there were only two tweens who did not have a cell-phone, and these two were probably the only two mature and responsible enough to have one!

My Wife insisted we get our 15 year old a cell-phone and I was against the idea (clearly I lost this battle), but our daughter only has approved apps on her phone (mostly Japanese language apps) and a few art apps. She does not have any social media apps. When she was in Confirmation, they talked a lot about how to remain holy while being on social media and she was like, I’m not on social media? : )

Now my youngest will never have a cell-phone. She has much less impulse control. She is our wild-child.

Parents, it is important to be on the same page when it comes to this sort of thing. Do not discuss or argue about the topic in front of your children.

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