Born again, saved as a Catholic

I remember in school the Protestant Students professed born arain and saved, and I felt a little out, for I could not respond.

Welcome, StephenAndrew! I am a cradle Catholic who came to know Jesus intimately through the charismatic renewal nearly 50 years ago. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and was overwhelmed by His love, power, peace, and joy. Once you have experienced Him personally, there’s no going back to a dull, boring life. Just ask Him, He will do the same for you. Born Again, Spirit-filled Catholic? Yessir!


Born again and saved yes. Born again from the cross when jesus told us to take home his mother. Disciple behold your mother. We were there at the cross. We take her home as John did the disciple. Whom he loved the most is us all of his disciples. The disciple he loves the most is us. And saved by the blood of god, the host The blood from heaven for it returns from where it came.