Are you a Young Earther or an Old Earther?

Do you believe in:

  • Evolution, old earth
  • No evolution, old earth
  • No evolution, young earth
  • Not sure
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Inspired by Anthony on Twitter.

Personally, it doesn’t wreck my Faith one way or the other. My Boss is a young earther (Protestant). The Priest who taught RCIA when my Wife became Catholic leaned more old earth. I could go either way, but I do not believe we came from apes if that is what is meant by evolution.

Science tries to explain how God created; Religion tries to convey why God created.

Your last sentence is perfect. I never question the “why” of God….

A friend of mine (Ademar Rakowsky) works for the Kolbe Center and has written several articles supporting young earth. I encourage all to give it a look. Personally, I’ve held pretty much every possible position except atheistic evolution. Bottom line is I wasn’t there when God did it, but I am here now.


I guess that the right discipline of science here is cosmology? (Or is there an abstraction of cosmology that would apply to both the history of the universe and of the earth?) My favorite personal observation is that the universe doesn’t have to have a terminal moment at either end to be finite. It would be physically valid for the past to extend infinitely and the future to extend infinitely, based on a finite definition and a central moment only, and so it would degrade into complete dispersion as you approached the infinite past, and either complete dispersion again or perpetual collapse in the infinite future. I really think that the tragedy of the “enlightenment” is that the real breadth of possibilities here has not been explored because of the constraint that science must contradict religion somehow or another. (I said constraint, but it’s a priority even!)
I always have to add… It would even work for there to be an equivalent of collapse-in-reverse going backward in time, which would be similar to the big bang theory but not the same. To help visualize the perpetual universe concept that begins and ends in dispersion, imagine a universe of three particles that collect nearest each other at a certain time, having come from different directions and proceeding again away in different directions before and after that time. To me this is the most intuitive way for the universe to have presence in time, anything else would be more complicated.