Are driving directions apps going woke?

Because I nearly always use Waze for driving directions, I was sad and disappointed to see the company go fully woke. Here is what it said in an email message:

Add Pride to your drive

Experience the road in full color this month with our favorite LGBTQIA+ voices, vehicles, and more.

Really! Even my maps get rainbow colors???
I deleted the app from my phone and added a different app, MapQuest GPS. Some have suggested using Google Maps but Google is the parent company of Waze. MapQuest is owned by Verizon that is likely somewhat woke, but probably better than Google.

Set up email filtering that automatically deletes emails that contain words such as ‘pride’. I have them set up at work and am never subjected to that garbage.

Also, get rid of gmail and use something private such as Proton mail (it’s free, encrypted, and zero wokeness).

A lot of these companies do not care about boycotts, because they are getting access to funding through ESG. I Pray that they one day they look back on this time in their history and say to themselves, What were we thinking?