Anyone Here Experience in Deliverance Ministry?

Looking to network with those in Catholic evangelization, healing, and deliverance ministries

Allan Weilert

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evangelization, healing, and deliverance ministries

I have long-time been interested in evangelization, healing, and deliverance ministries. The Holy Spirit will always show up but it helps to be encouraged by one another. The Holy Spirit uses our ears, hands and voice and heart. I formed a group (BOOTS ON THE GROUND), meets once a week. I assign a Bible verse, then we study and share it–how it relates to today. I am very interested in deliverance ministry; no doors have opened to that (yet). Our brothers and sister need evangelization, healing, and deliverance. Blessings to all.

Hi, PhyllisMarie! Welcome to the Forum! I’m new myself. Congratulations on Boots on the Ground! It really helps to have a community to support you, doesn’t it?

Although currently not doing much deliverance, I’ve been active in charismatic renewal and healing ministry since 1974. I wrote a book during the pandemic you might be interested in: Chain-Breaker: Freedom Through Deliverance From Evil Spirits. It’s available on Amazon. God bless you!

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