You're Stuck on an 8 Hour Flight. Choose Your Seat : )

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Actually, I sit next to my wife on 10-hour flights, but I think she would like to sit with Jonathan Roumie too. Flying to my wife’s home country of the Philippines, which we try to do once a year, takes about 22 hours of flying each way. We break it up with stopovers, but the longest flight, Honolulu to Manila, is 10 hours.

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My daughter wants to visit Japan after she graduates. I thought a 13-and-a-half-hour flight sounds crazy, but 22 hours is even more wild. I’ve only ever flown to Florida from Ohio, which was a 2-hour flight.

It’s 22 hours total, the longest flights being between Manila and Honolulu, 10 hours each way. Plus Philly-LA, about 6 hours, and LA-Honolulu, 6 hours, 22 hours one way total. However, Philippine Air Lines does have a nonstop New York-Manila flight, and I guess that must be about 22 hours one way. It would save several rounds of airport security, but I think that, as the saying goes, the cure would be worse than the disease.

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