What is your Favorite Catholic Christian Quote?

“The Christian imagination is that the mystical and the supernatural lie just on the other side of the ordinary, the mundane, and the natural.” -REV. RAYMOND DE SOUZA

Sorry for the late comments. I hadn’t noticed that many quotes had been added.

““People lie for things that benefit them; not for things that destroy them.” — Mark Driscoll (This is true of the Apostles.)” I read this three times and still do not understand it. Does it mean that the Apostles lied for things that benefited them? Can you give an example? Maybe that would make it clear to me. And I’m sure that people do lie for things that destroy them. Don’t people lie to get illegal drugs, money they haven’t earned, or pleasure they shouldn’t be getting?

As for Jesus being a Man of Sorrows, that’s a title, and not His only title. It doesn’t mean He is always sorrowful. He is the Prince of Peace, but He chased the money-changers out of the Temple. Thomas More was a man for all seasons. I think that Jesus is too.

Also, I had an insight, I think, into the Gospel imprecation “Woe to you who laugh now.” Am I in trouble for laughing? I don’t think so. But when I pray outside the abortion clinic, the clinic escorts, whose job seems to be to keep their customers from hearing offers of free help, are continually laughing and smiling. I can easily imagine Jesus saying to them, “Woe to you who laugh now.”

The Apostles were not living a lie. They would not have died for something they just made up. What they believe and what we believe it true.

Sure there have been cults who have went to death, believing that they they were elevating to another realm, but the Apostles (with the exception of one) took their own life. But, Judas did not die for his Faith, but rather out of shame and despair for rejecting his Faith.

I can see how you were confused though. Upon re-reading what I posted, It made it sound like the Apostles lied to benefit themselves, but the opposite is trues. They did not make it up, for if they had, they would not have died for it (was really my point). Thank you for allowing me to clarify : )