What do you think about the Mass, on EWTN? Do you watch it?

Do you watch the Mass on EWTN? How does it compare to the Masses said in your home parish?

During Covid, I hated YouTube Church! They did a great job with it, but nothing beats the real thing. I feel the same with watching the Sacred Liturgy on EWTN. I understand the need for transmitting Mass onto television, but it feels flat.

Very rarely. I LOVE to be present at Mass and EWTN’s Mass times are not times that age good for me anyway.

It’s a lovely mass. When I was a recent convert, I would listen to EWTN RADIO and hear the daily mass while at work.

Very grateful to mother Angelica and EWTN for the work that they’ve done to spread the faith.

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My Grandma was never a fan of Mother Angelica; until she read her biography.

Can’t stand watching Mass on television, though I did watch some YouTube videos on the TLM when I first became interested in the Mass of the Ages.

Haven’t attempted to watch the Mass on EWTN in quite a while. The few times I tried, I was very disappointed. Expected it to be more old school.

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As a catechist, I enjoy being able to watch the mass on TV.