Were/are your parents Catholic?

  • One was, one was not
  • Both were
  • Neither were
  • Other

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My Mom was Catholic, before Marrying my Step-Dad (who was Presbyterian until their Pastor converted to Eastern Orthodoxy, then they joined a non-Denom where they are still today).

My real Dad was a “just me and my Bible” type of Christian. His CB handle was “Country Boy,” but his family called him “Bub.” I just called him Dad : )


Yes, and I thank God I was raised in the Catholic Christian faith and attended 12 years of Catholic schooling. It’s prepared me in so many ways for my life’s journey that I didn’t realize at the time!


Yes. Devout nyc families


I am a convert. My parents were Christian but not Catholic.

Father wasn’t in the picture and my mother is a new age style “spiritual” person. Yoga, energy crystals, believes in “the universe” and all that. We can say she was surprised when I converted lol


My parents were secular jewish. My Mom converted to catholic a few years after I did.

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Both my parents were. Devout Catholic life, my sister attended Catholic school. Then… suddenly…when I was 9 yrs old, my parents fell from the faith, got a divorce, both remarried. Life changed drastically. This was 1959. In 2013 I had a strong conversion and returned to the Church.
Dio Gratias!


Dad was Catholic, mom was a Methodist who taught us the rosary and made sure we received all our sacraments.

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I found out later (after he passed away, and then I became Catholic myself) that my father had been Catholic before marrying my mother (she was protestant and Dad joined her church).

I feel bad now, that I didn’t know that he had been Catholic earlier in his life. Had I known, and also known about the Sacraments, I would have ensured he had a priest with him before he passed away. I didn’t know all that I now know but I feel badly for him.

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I look at this from a different perspective than you. I think it is neat that you found this out. How joyous that you and your Dad share this in common.

When my Mom met my Step-Dad, she left the Catholic Faith and joined the Presbyterian Church. I Pray often that my Mom will one day be sitting at table with me once again. There is a chance that she won’t. My Mom loves the Lord and is a Saint in my eyes. I would not be the Christian I am today if it weren’t for my Mom and my Grandma (who is still Catholic at the young old age of 97!

I have written in a letter to my daughters (that they can read when I pass), that if they want to be close to me, come to the Sacred Liturgy of the Mass, where Heaven and Earth meat. Where we banquet with one another in Holy Communion, the greatest gift Christ offers the living church (and the Church Penitent and Triumphant are even more alive than we are).

We cannot assume where anyone is after they die. Bishop Fulton Sheen said there will be 3 surprises when we get to Heaven. 1. Who is there that we never would have thought would be there. 2. Who is not there that we thought surely would be there. 3. That we ourselves are there : )

When you go to Mass, your Dad may be spiritually present at the Eucharist.

The last thing I can share, and this comes from a wise man who shared the joy of Christ with everyone he knew. God is outside of space and time (our time). We can Pray for our loved ones who have passed and God can work backwards in time. Perhaps our Prayers can reach them in the past or maybe our Prayers can help them in the present. God is a loving and merciful, yet just God. God is very real and Jesus knows what it feels like to lose loved ones and to want the best for those we love and miss.

I just read the part of Acts where St. Peter is captured and thrown into prison. His loved ones fervently Prayed for him and God sent an Angel to free him.

When you are at Mass this Sunday, Pray for your Dad and ask him to Pray for you. And thank God that He has led you to this place.


This question is and was asked by whom ?

Welcome @musical : ) I asked the question during Lent, where I posted 40 Questions for 40 Days.

Yes, both parents were Catholic. Thank God my parents helped us understand the Catholic faith, gospel readings, and traditions. I and my two sisters and mom wore Mantillas (or veils). I wish that tradition would come back. I love my faith and the Catholic teaching. I raised my children catholic (sent them to catholic school), and explained weekly to the best of my ability, as my parents did me. I am now a catechist.

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My dad was but my mom never had a religion background growing up until like near adulthood. Became Catholic when she married my dad.

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My parents were both heathens until I was about 5. Our first church was a Church of Christ which we attended for 5 or 6 years. Then no church for about another 4 or 5 years, then a very brief stint at a United Methodist church, and finally several years at a Church of Christ in Christian Union. From there we went our separate ways. I became Roman Catholic and they visited several other churches before finally settling on a Southern Baptist church. I’ve been Catholic for 20 years, they’ve been Baptist for about 18.

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My mother came from a family who had immigrated from Luxembourg. They lived in Ohio in a German speaking Catholic community and later moved to Tennessee where they lived in a small town with a parish staffed by the Paulists. My father’s family were originally from Maryland but when the colony got rid of their religious toleration laws, the family along with many others moved to Kentucky. I was born there and went to Catholic schools for 8 years.

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I live in Ohio and both my Wife and I come from German descent. We took our honeymoon to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and attended a small Catholic Church there. Sadly there was only a handful of people in attendance (in the southern Bible-belt).

My mom is Catholic and it matters to her. My dad was raised Catholic but he doesn’t really care about it.

I’m estranged from my mother because she’s abusive and dangerous, but what I will never stop appreciating about her is the gift of faith that she gave me when I was a kid. She tried to take it away from me when I was an adult and it was one of the reasons I just had to sever ties.

She’s insane and it’s not entirely her fault that she’s so awful. I forgive her and I will always have nice memories of her explaining the significance of our faith to me. It saved me. When I was a little kid I prayed to God a lot to get me out of my situation. I told him how much I loved him all the time and sometimes I just talked to him for company when I was scared in the dark after she’d screamed at me again. Without my mom loving God and showing me how faith works, I wouldn’t have survived.

I ask God to bless her for that. If she could give such a gift to a child, she can still come back from the darkness. To be perfectly honest, I’ve thought for 15 years that she was becoming possessed. I don’t think it’s just mental illness. Please pray for my mother

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