This Dude Looks Like My Dad!

Thank goodness he is one of the good ones : )

Sad and scary. Schism?

I am German on both my Mom’s side and my Dad’s side and Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki looks a lot like my Dad.

My Dad passed when I was in my twenties. I miss him dearly. It makes me happy that this Bishop is not one of the bad German Bishops.

Please don’t jump to the conclusion of schism. I’m the case of Germany, it is my understanding that the majority of Catholics are faithful to the Church. It’s only a few bad apples. We need to pray for their conversion.

I’m German on both sides, also. I’m appalled by the vociferous rebellion of a few of the hierarchy there, yet trust in the steadfastness of the majority of the German faithful to reject the preposterous stance of these misguided men.

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