German Bishops declare that ‘transsexual’ persons should not be ‘excluded’ from Priesthood in 38-7 Vote?!

If true, this is insane. If our supposed shepherds keep this up, schism will be inevitable!

Bless the 7 German Bishops who did the right thing! The 13 who abstained are cowards! And the 38 who voted for this nonsense, are not on the side of truth.

Lord, help us. ♱

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So … 38 German bishops should be in danger of excommunication? (What is it with the Germans?!)


I’m German (my second toe is longer than my big toe ; ) Where B16 made me proud, these German Bishops disappoint.

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There are going to be an awful lot of people in shock on Judgement Day…


They must have changed the formula of German beer… :upside_down_face:


I say the rosary it gives me comfort and i feel close to our Blessed Mother and hppe the power of the rosary helps in other ways…i should say it daily but that doesn’t always happen

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Prayer is the most powerful weapon He has given us…

Looking back at history, Germany hasn’t exactly been the best at being Catholic… Just saying…

With the exception of B16! : )


We have 2 Catholic Churches within two blocks of our home and the reason for this is because back in the day, the Germans and the Irish could not get along. The Germans asked the Bishops if they could start their own congregation, but the Bishop instructed them to get along instead. They ended up disobeying the Bishop and outcasting themselves, which did not sit well with the Bishop.

Eventually, years later, the Bishop allowed the German Church to come back into the fold. Our new Priest (who is awesome by the way) is the Pastor of both of these Churches (we are sister parishes) and if my family and I attend the morning Liturgy, we will attend the one and if we attend the evening Liturgy, we attend the other.

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Totally agree. Totally!

Totally agree with how God sees it on judgement day.

Right now, for me, this unfair treatment is problematic and at the expense of others. It happens when too many seminary-trained intellectuals are called upon to make critical decisions. Pretty much like Reps/Dems… party lines. More prevalent in The Church today and is too divisive to those who look to leadership that should be influenced by The Holy Spirit.

Perhaps there should be a diocese council that tracts religious with different sexual persuasions to determine their merit. The priesthood is not a hideaway to escape the pains of society. That causes pain upon everyone. However, truth in service to God must be given respect.

A massive part of the priesthood is celibacy and total devotion to God and his Church so why would a priest even be thinking about their sexual orientation or identity? Isn’t that supposed to be given up? How can you be fully devoted to the priesthood when you’re busy thinking about sex and if God “made you the wrong gender” (which isn’t possible)? Absolutely asinine. They need to get their hands out of their pants and tend to their flock upholding the vow they took.

You bring up some valid points. I would add that Catholic Priests are called to serve the bride of Christ, not rule over her. This does not mean that he sacrifices truth for what is fashionable or perverted, but rather to protect her from that which might harm her physically or harm her soul.

When God created woman (Eve), it gave man (Adam) a purpose to his work. He no longer tilled for himself nor for mindless activity, but rather for another person who compliments him.

Some feminists might say that women do not need a man to protect them, however what I am saying is that woman (the church) is worthy of care. God loves you and me and though we might convince ourselves that we can do it on our own, it is not how God intended it to be.

We need more Priests and Bishops who understand their responsibility to the faithful. They do not all have to be strong as fishermen or as intelligent as the tax collector, but they need to be willing to stand up for the true & beautiful.

Christ describes his covenant with us, the church, like that of a Husband and a Wife. In a Marital covenant between a woman and a man, life can come from the covenantal embrace. The Priest often acts in persona Christi. Two women playing Married cannot bare fruit. Two men pretending to be Married cannot bare fruit. A Man pretending to be a woman cannot bare fruit and a woman pretending to be a man cannot bare fruit.

So what will happen when these emasculated Priests and Bishops go woke and change Church teaching? We will be presented a counterfeit covenant.

Lord, I Pray that more brave young men hear Your call. The world has perverted words like courageous and pride. The Church has always held that pride is a sin, but to the sinful, pride is viewed as courageous. They have flipped it, which is nothing new (Isaiah 5:20-21).

I know what I am saying here sounds harsh to some, because they have become tolerant of nonsense.

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Agreed, when someone moves in that direction for instance a man who wants to dress as a woman and likes to wear women’s clothes he has become someone who needs help. When he does that he operating on his own behalf without following God’s law he has stepped outside the realm of the Judio-Christian teachings and as such should not be embraced and supported. What next will the support of the pedophile be condoned and the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and adolescents be condoned? No, these are grievous sins to think otherwise is just dead wrong, in my mind.