The Chosen, Have you watched?

Have you watched The Chosen? What did you get out of it?

We are watching it as a Family this Lent. We just finished Episode 3 and it is very well done. The first episode gave me chills at the end.

I do wish that the actors who play St. Peter and Andrew were switched. I always pictured Peter to be the more manly of the apostles. They make him out to be somewhat of a buffoon.

I love that the actors who play Jesus in the “The Chosen” and “The Passion of the Christ” are both Catholic Christians in real life!

I watched one of the behind the scene Podcast with the director, some of the team, and a couple of the actors talking about Jesus’ “brothers” (Matthew 12:48) and the director said that he is aware of both the traditional view that these were not Mary’s biological children, more likely cousins, and he is aware of the more modern view that these were children that Mary and Joseph had together (which is not what Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and some Protestant Christians believe). Because of this riff, the director made a point not to portray these “brothers” one way or the other.

I would love to hear what others think of “The Chosen.” Often what happens with these sorts of things is that Christians whom have not seen it, are most critical. I work with many different Christians (a Wife of a Church of God Minister, a Lutheran, and three from the United Brethren Church) and they were hesitant to watch it, worried that it might not be true to the Bible. They all now speak very highly of “The Chosen.” I remember when Mel Gibson came out with “The Passion” and the same thing happened. We are our biggest critics (except when it comes to those cheesy Christian movies for some reason ; )

I’ve heard good things about “the Chosen”.unfortunately,i get bare bones minimum cable and can’t watch it.Per Scripture,St Peter on occasion was a profane drunken person,flawed person,but holy.A little comforting to know that they weren’t always perfect flawless people,gives the rest of us hope…

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Your local Library may have “The Chosen” on DVD. My Wife got me the first Season on Blu-Ray for Christmas.

thank you,prayers for you and your family…

There is an app for your phone for the CHOSEN


I absolutely love the Chosen and recommend it to anyone who’ll listen! Like Ignatian Spirituality, the Gospels have come alive for me.


It really does make you feel you are getting to know Christ and the apostles as an untimate friend. Sometimes it is a bit slow-moving though.

Yes! I love this series.

I’ve watch it and LOVE it I’ve “payed it forward” to help them keep up with their projects you can download their app
ANGEL STUDIOS for FREE they have other things to watch besides The Chosen… funny comedians even

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The Chosen is excellent. What troubles me is how many can criticize it for one reason or another when we must realize that this is not what actually transpired! I believe it is true to the Gospels. They lend a perspective of each of the characters that helps our feeble minds recall that these people are, were human and flawed. Example, Would they have had a sense of humor and struggles? Of course. I once heard someone criticize the backpack Jesus used as looking too modern. Really? Let’s accept or use what we can from the film. It is not perfect as it is created by people who I personally believe are guided by the Holy Spirit yet flawed, like us.

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I enjoyed The Chosen and appreciated the reflection of the disciples and Jesus as humans with flaws and individual personalities like us. This shows that as humans we can err and yet believe and ask forgiveness and God still loves us.
I am on my 3 cycle of watching it and always get something more. I also saw the trailers with the director and actors. All inspired by the Holy Ghost.

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My Wife and I went to see “The Shift” in the theater last night. The acting is good. You’ll recognize some of the actors. Great date night movie. Here is a link to get $5 tickets to go see it.

Yes, my wife and I have watched each season as it became available and are looking forward to the next one.

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Not only did I watch. I bought the First three seasons and have just bought my tickets to see all of Season 4 at the movie theatre

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