Share ideas for Lent

What things do you plan to take up or put down during this season of Lent in addition to the following?

  • Pray
  • Fast
  • Give Alms
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I once gave up sitting on couches (I do not recommend this : ) Although it gave me a new appreciation for modern furniture, it messed up my back.

Here are some things that I plan to do:

  • This year, as a Family, we are giving up eating out.

  • I am reading from the early Church Councils.

  • I am going to revisit the “Surprised by Truth” (book series).

  • We are picking up where we left off on “The Chosen” (streaming series).

  • Making a donation to our local sober living home.
    I have seen how addiction wrecks Marriages, families, friendships, and ultimately lives. My Dad was addicted to the bottle, which is why I have a soft spot for those struggling with addiction.

The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy:

  1. Feed the hungry. For me, this means not forgetting to feed my children while my Wife is away. Bad Parenting 101.

  2. Give drink to the thirsty. Don’t offer your Mormon friends a Dr. Pepper, unless you live near Mississippi and can get your hands on Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper : )

  3. Clothe the naked. After the situation earlier this week regarding a Baptist gentleman in this forum, this has an entirely new meaning. Yikes!

  4. Shelter the homeless. Unless you live in a bomb shelter, then don’t tell anyone your location.

  5. Visit the sick. Unless they have Covid, then stay home, stay safe, according to the CDC, if you still trust anything they tell you.

  6. Visit the imprisoned. “Just Visiting” on the Monopoly board does not count. Accepting a collect call from the such-and-such correctional facility may qualify?

  7. Bury the dead. This does not mean that if your friend calls you up in the middle of the night asking you to help him “hide the body” that you should do it. But if you do, leave your phone behind ; )

I joke, but there are lots of things that we can do this Lent to do random acts of mercy for others in need.

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There are several online Masses. I use also on youtube. It is not difficult to attend Mass daily.


A Priest on Twitter suggested giving up Video Games for Lent if you are a gamer.

I’m giving up pop (soda) and praying the Divine Mercy chaplet for the conversion of my brothers.

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I gave up beer and other alcohol