Missals for the TLM

I am newish to the TlM. Wondering why my 1962 “daily missal” only has Sunday propers… shouldn’t there be daily?

I would check with Amazon see if they got anything like it.

It may just be the way it is organized. Some Missals require a lot of flipping between sections to get the whole Mass.
Even though my Missal has everything, I don’t use it during Mass other than for some prayers before/after Communion. I prefer to read the Epistle and Gospel before Mass and then just concentrate on watching the priest and servers during Mass.

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Disappointed that I lost my Angelus Press Missal about a month ago. Went to the only Catholic bookstore within driving distance to get another one (it’s the same store where I got my original). However, they no longer carry the Angelus Press one and I had to get something different. Not liking it as much but I am sure I will eventually adapt. I just don’t like change.

I also am not big on change : )

Most of the year, there isn’t a proper Mass for weekdays. During Lent there is a specific Mass for every day, but for most other liturgical seasons, the daily Mass will either be: from the proper of Saints, or a repeat of the previous Sunday Mass, or a votive Mass (Mass of the Holy Angels, Mass of the Holy Cross, etc…)

My Daily Missal has the Sunday propers in the front end and the Daily toward the back.