Loaves and fishes as the sacraments

I wrote an article for the homileticl pastoral review

On the loaves and fishes as the sacraments

The analogies fit perfectly

5 loaves 2 fish
When a community separates by heresy they lose the stability of apostolic succession

If Peter is the ultimate Rock of stability then the basic Earth is a general stability.

Loaves emanate from grain which can only be taken from the Earth

Hence loaves can be seen as sacraments that require the stability of the episcopate

It happens that five of the seven sacraments absolutely require priests or Bishop

And there are no bishops or priests without the stability of apostolic succession

Hence five loaves

As for two fish. Heretical communities lose these five sacraments because they have separated from apostolic success ion. And yet they retain two of the seven sacraments baptism and marriage

This is because anyone can baptize by Catholic dogma dogma meaning heretics baptism is valid when they intend to do what the church intends and use the foreman matter

And any two validly baptized man and woman free to marry and intending all the vows even if they are heretics contract a Sacramental marriage

Once they recite with firm and sincere integrity the vows and then consummate

And fish come from the sea and the sea is a place of chaos

And indeed Protestants the vast collection of competing heretical factions are tossed to and fro by every wave of doctrine

Schism on the other hand is only an affront to supreme apostolic succession and not the general apostolic succession.

Hence schismatics retain valid apostolic succession and so consequently have all seven sacraments

But they are a little unstable in doctrine without Peter

Hence 7 loaves in a few fish


A man comes in late to his friend and begs for three loaves

Man says it is not appropriate for my children are asleep and fed go away

But the friend persists and so the man gives in and gives him his three loaves at midnight

A catechumen has journeyed all his life without any supernatural food

He arrives at the ecclesia late when a normal child is already received the three sacraments of initiation baptism confirmation in Eucharist

So at Easter vigil in the middle of the night at an inappropriate time for a normal person the catechuman receives the three sacraments of initiation two of which require the episcopant and therefore the three sacraments are loaves

Something to ponder. Thanks for sharing : )

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