Grandmothers that pray for family

Reaching out to other grandmothers that pray daily for children or grandchildren.
Do you pray the Rosary? Perhaps you have specific prayers you would like to share?
Or maybe Scriptures you make a prayer?


I am a grandmother of a precious 18 month old granddaughter and a mother of 5… the mother of my granddaughter is not Catholic and I prayed countless rosaries that she would agree to have our granddaughter baptized, and it worked! She was baptized in December… I also pray for my children every day. Often with the rosary!

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Not a grandmother, but my mother was the “go to” for a prayer if you needed anything. Her favorite was a novena to Our Lady of the Snows. She also wore a medal of the BVM over her heart every day. Her godmother told her to look the the BVM in any need. Mary had experienced it all and would show her the way. She also had a small prayer book that she used frequently, “The Mother’s Book of Prayers”. Not easy to find in print any more. I would back stock several for her as she was know to give her personal one away at the blink of an eye. It was usually in her purse so she could pray as needed.