Do you regularly Exercise? (not to be confused with Exorcise ; )

Do you regularly exercise and if so, what types of exercises to you do?

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We have a membership to a recreation center that we rarely use. I just started doing +1 push-up twice a day. I am up to 13. A week ago, I could barely do six : )

Yes! Exercise is key to emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. I walk and/or slow jog 3x per week, lift minimal weights 3x per week in addition to situps, and attend a ballet class every Saturday! Wish I could do more, especially with stretching, but writing and other duties prevail! Thanks for asking! Anthea

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I walk for an hour each day, weather permitting (more on the weekends). I also started doing push ups. Starting tomorrow I will be up to 50 a day (2 sets of 25)

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I walk almost every day and try to walk on errands. It’s a mile to the nearest supermarket. I go at least three times a week because I don’t ever get a heavy load. It’s two-thirds of a mile to church. Some days I will walk three or four miles. I haven’t driven in seven years.

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My oldest son just got an apartment in a historic district that is within walking distance of church. I’m a little jealous of that. (Not jealous of his rent though).

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I overheard some people talking on the trolley. One said she missed her New York salary but not the rent, which I think was more than our retirement income is. I also heard about a couple who recently moved from Houston (I’ve never been there) to Drexel Hill, Pa., where we live, and they apparently did not walk or use public transportation in Houston but like to walk places and ride the trolley here in Drexel Hill.

Walking. Best thing for me.