Did the Gospel of Mark do St. Joseph dirty?

Joseph, the husband of Mary, is never named in Mark’s Gospel at all. Too bad for Joe?

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Absolutely not Mark and Luke were not there to witness Jesus.Mark gave a honest account of what he heard - its thought he heard through Peter and others.Quite obviously Luke spoke to Mary herself finding out from her about Jesus nativity. He is also said to have painted Our Lady of Czestochowa on a table that Jesus made while he spoke to her on many occasions.He was known for his painting skills among others. The painting still exist today at the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa.The mistake here is thinking Mark was a actual witness to Jesus as a disciple during Jesus’s mission.Luke’s gospel gives the best account because he spoke to Mary he was not there either.
John says very little also in his Gospel is all about Jesus divinity from the very first line “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. All through his gospel its a reoccurring theme which makes Johns’s gospel unique - his message is that Jesus is God.

There’s debate that Mark was present during Jesus’ public ministry but was most likely during the later parts of it and Mark was most likely a young teenager during the time. Of course after the Crucifixion, he stuck around with St. Peter. One big thing is that it is commonly agreed that Jesus left home when his father died. No apostle ever met St Joseph. All they know of him is what was told to them by Jesus and Mary.

I think it might be quite possible that Mark may of been one of the “others” that Jesus chose to spread the gospel we don’t know much about them he would fit in that time period. If not right after the Crucifixion for sure.We do know he was not one of the twelve.