Would you rather have to fight 100 David-sized Goliaths or 1 Goliath-sized David?

Would you rather have to fight 100 David-sized Goliaths or 1 Goliath-sized David?

If I had to fight, I think I would rather fight the 1 Goliath-sized David. My strategy would be to just survive and maybe tire him out until we call a truce. 100 David-sized Goliaths would tire me out so fast and then they would definitely win.

Which would you choose?

Cade I have been perusing your posts. You are the bomb!

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One David sized David would be more than enough for me, even 60 years ago when I was in my 20’s. In I Samuel 16:18, Saul’s servant describes him as a brave warrior. In 17:35-36, David tells Saul he has killed a lion and a bear with his bare hands. Then in vv. 38-39, Saul dresses him in his own armor which would have been a joke if he was the boy that is usually pictured. David didn’t wear the armor because he wasn’t used to it and found it awkward and uncomfortable. By the way, the sling he used was in those days a standard weapon of war, not a toy. In short, David was a hunk whom Goliath ridicules for being young and good-looking.

Lol Oh I think they all will take on look at me and wonder whats wrong with her. For I would sit em both down and explain the whole story of why I dont thonk fighting should be happening.Hey when One like me comes alo g people go to wonder just whats going on. I seen angles sould have sat with me…waited for me…given me insights … I was born gifted beyond the normal understanding of whats Normal?! Have the gift of prophesying , out of body traveling , hav3 done that hey I just dreamed this , seen the out line of an unidentified being standing in my doorway one early morning, witness my earthly dad /father waving to what I thought was me but could of been my mother whom was passing on over thru deaths door that very day (long story)…and knew I was related to Queen Mary Stewart of Scoctland well before the ancestry became a hey look what we now can do in every home.knew computers would be in every home and the ol lazer movies would become the discs that we now see in every home in so many formats…what can I say my 14/15 great grand father Seen the way to save mankind in a humanitarian way via authorizing the reprint of the Holy Bible and look at where its gotten in todays world…yes There is a holy Spirit and we dont need to become all religeious to see we only need to believe and to ask of his Holy Spirit to give us the power to do so by asking as that is what prayer is all about. Amen in Jes u s Name we shall all be blessed