When do you put up Christmas decorations?

  • Right after All Souls’ Day
  • Right after Thanksgiving
  • At the start of Advent
  • At the end of Advent/start of Christmas
  • I don’t decorate for Christmas (Bah humbug)
  • Mine are up all year round (I keep it lit)
  • Other
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When do you put up your Advent/Christmas decorations?

I would rather at least wait until Advent begins, but my Wife & Daughters outvote me (apparently we live under a democracy).

When my Wife and I were dating, I left my tree up & lit all year-round. I would take the decorations off of it at least, but I liked the ambience : ) My job is to bring the decorations up from the basement and they do the rest.

When do you take down your Advent/Christmas decorations?

We now keep our Advent/Christmas decorations up until the celebration of The Epiphany. One year we tried to keep them up until the celebration of The Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ, but by then, it feels more like clutter. Had we waited until the end of Advent to put up Christmas decorations, then this would not be the case.

I do mine week of thanksgiving time.