What is one Song that you would like sung at your Furneral?

These are the two songs that I would love sung at my Funeral. One of them we had sung during our Wedding. We made our Wedding all about Jesus and I hope my Funeral will be too.

Sarah Hart is from my home state and You Are The Light is such a beautiful song.

The first time I ever heard They’ll Know We Are Christians was at a Mass at Franciscan University of Steubenville (where both of my Daughter’s Godparents attended College). So many on-fire Catholics singing the chorus with such love in their hearts gave me goosebumps. Whenever I hear this song (even done poorly) it takes me back to this memory.

The summons would be at my funeral. On eagle’s wings

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CCR - As long as I see the light.

Here is one reason why I’m not considered a “rad trad” even though I attend the TLM. If it were permissible (I know that it is not), I would probably go for “See You on the Other Side” or “Goodbye to Romance” by Ozzy Osbourne

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Heaven Is The Goal by John Levi ft C2six

My roommate in College was obsessed with Ozzy (no saying that you are). He was raised Lutheran and his Mom would not let him go to Ozzfest. He ended up sneaking out and going anyway. It was his first concert experience. He would talk very fondly of it.

My roommate said he would never get a tattoo, but one day I saw two tattoo magazines on the coffee table. I asked him what that was all about and he said he had had a dream the night before. Ozzy was sitting on a thrown and he pointed at my roommate and asked in his shaky British accent, “How do you expect to get into Hell without a tattoo.” My roommate never did end up getting the tattoo : )

Kevin passed when he was only 30 from the “C” word. He smoked and drank a lot, neither of which I did. We were unlikely roommates, but got along pretty well. I went to his funeral at the Lutheran Church he grew up in, but I do not recall if they played an Ozzy song at his funeral : )

I too am into Hip-Hop (not for my funeral Liturgy, but possibly at the reception ; )

I started a Facebook group a long time ago where I post (not as often) about Christian music from a Catholic perspective. It is called Holy Roadies if you are interested in giving it a follow.

Back when I had a Podcast called the “Perseverance Podcast” (before most even knew what a podcast was), I dedicated an entire episode to Catholic Hip-Hop. Though the Podcast did not persevere, I can send you the mp3. Private message me your e-mail/mailing address and I’ll put it up in the cloud or burn it to a CD : )

Most folks don’t know that Ozzy was raised in a nominally Catholic home (his real name is John Michael). His mother reportedly had a genuine deathbed reversion/conversion. I hold out hope that the same will happen for him. He has said in an interview that he has a deep fascination with the Bible, but his dyslexia keeps him from being able to read it.

Totally agree. I had On Eagles wings for both my Mom and Dads funeral. It meant so much

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I want Lord of the dance as a song going out of the church. I also love the servent song.

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I would like mine probably

You Are Mine
We are Many Parts
One Bread One Body
We Are Called

Those are great hymns.

Both my mother and father had Holy God We Praise Thy Name sung and I want that too. I would love to have In Paradisum sung. I have already told my children that they are not to have Eagles Wings sung or I will rise out the coffin and haunt them


I would love the song of Saint Francis and Glory Hallelujah

Be not afraid. To this day I still choke up whenever that song is played. And on eagles wings. Both beautiful

Long As I Can See the Light by CCR.

A bit of the lyrics.

Put a candle in the window

'Cause I feel I’ve got to move

Though I’m going, going
I’ll be coming home soon
Long as I can see the light

Pack my bag and let’s get moving
'Cause I’m bound to drift a while

Though I’m gone, gone
You don’t have to worry, no
Long as I can see the light

Be not Afraid
On Eagles Wings