What are your thoughts on Mel Gibson's Letter to Archbishop Viganò?

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I do not believe Archbishop Viganò should have been excommunicated. I am not a Sedevacantist though.

I believe that both Francis and Viganò are doing what they are doing for reasons that they believe are right and just.

This being said, I believe Viganò’s heart is more in line with protecting the truth and beauty of the Catholic Christian Faith, whereas our Jesuit Pope is more about Christ’s mercy and reaching those who might not otherwise ever have encountered Christ.

If we could somehow merge the passions of both of these men, we would have a Pope that is after Christ’s heart and Truth!

I agree with almost all of it, with one major caveat. If the True Church ended at Vatican 2 then Christ and the Holy Spirit has left us orphans. I cannot reconcile that sentiment with the Catholic view of a sacerdotal system.

I recently listened to an interview with the co-author of “Persecuted from Within” by Alec Torres & Joshua Charles.

They looked at Saints throughout the History of the Church who had to go through similar struggles as we are going through today.

I have not read this book yet, but you might check it out : )

People need to realize Pope Francis DID NOT excommunicate Archbishop Vigano–he brought it on his own head. Directly due to his insubordination and arrogance, he excommunicated himself latae sententenciae, NOT by papal decree. The Archbishop’s disrespectful behavior caught up with him!

I wrote about this a couple weeks ago.

I do agree that Francis has said and done things that are heretical which are leading the church in a very dangerous direction. I can off hand think of the time in which he stated that “There are many ways to God”. This being in direct opposition to John 14:6. The time a false idol was allowed in the Vatican during the Amazon Senate which some priests bowed before it! Then you have the blessing of homosexual couples! His progressive pontificate is only after pleasing people and the world when the truth is the Church carries the duty of doing the opposite, to lead the body of Christ to be obedient to the teachings of Our Lord; Deuteronomy 28:13. All this being said I do realize that he is the pope and God willing there will be a shift in the coming years. I pray at my home parish before the Blessed Sacrament every day for the pope, all the bishops, cardinals, priests, deacons, and religious. This is what I can do, and we all should and then have faith and know that God has his plan.

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