Inculturation in the 21st Century

I try to view and analyze things from multiple perspectives. Then I form an opinion and then research, read, etc to solidify my opinion as correct or incorrect. Here is the latest thought that’s come to my mind in regards to the current events with the Church.

Are we witnessing what inculturation looks like in the 21st century? Is all the chaos around the world actually order being restored in the universe?

I have nearly 3 pages of thoughts and notes written down from the past few days. I’ll share them but I want to get some of thoughts from other Catholics first.


Hi Aarons,

This is a little beyond my experience and knowledge base. Could you share an example or two so that I might understand?

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yes I can! Sorry for the late response

I had to look up the definition of inculturation :joy:

Maybe list your main points as bullet-points. Reading 3 pages of thoughts might be a bit tedious.

I’m currently reading the Early Church Councils and I ask myself if they would put up with much of what is going on today. Or if they would push-back. I think they would push-back.

One of the things I love about the Catholic Church is how we have traditions from many cultures. I think the key is being mindful of truth. If we replace truth with ecumenicalism, then it becomes problematic. We can respect others’ differences without wavering on ours.

Sometimes I think the Eastern Orthodox Churches are better at this than the Catholic Church is. The Orthodox have been warning against modernity for years and it seems as though concerned Catholics have only begun to warn against it. I believe G.K. Chesterton and some early Church Fathers have warned against it, but in my lifetime, there has been fewer and fewer.

Though catholic literally means “universal,” I do not believe Christ intended a church of universalism.

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I’ll respond with some feedback in the next day or 2. You make some excellent points as well.