Am I the only one who closes my eyes during the Sacred Liturgy?

There are many distractions during Mass. My eyes are usually closed during the Sacred Liturgy except while singing, during the consecration, and while receiving (obviously).

Father probably thinks I’m sleeping, but rather I’m listening to every Prayer, Reading of God’s Word, and being still in the quiet moments.

I’ve often thought about if I would rather be blind or deaf. I have seen a blind man at Mass following along with thick Missalette in braille and I have seen the lady translating in sign-language off to the other side of the Sanctuary.

Although I would miss the beauty of creation, I think I would rather be able to listen than to see. I’m more of a head person than a heart person. I wonder if I were more heart than mind, if I would prefer sight over being able to hear (even though the word “hear” is in the word “heart” ; )

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I do the same thing but I make myself open my eyes regularly so that I don’t get lost in my head and I can enjoy the visual parts of the mask too.

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For communion I do not pray anymore as I approach I try to silence myself as I take communion if I am babbling prayer I am not being attentive and I think Jesus wants me to be silent and attentive to communion with him.I do this with the blessed sacrament to now I want my soul to be silent and quiet in the presence of Christ with the odd prayer that does come to mind.I participate in the litany. I want to close off the world and worldly thoughts.I have learned just recently to remain silent and still.Its a battle because thoughts do keep coming in but I am learning.