Catholic Slang: Rigid

You know how in the 80’s the word “awesome” became a thing. Can we make the word “rigid” a synonym?

Rigid rig·​id

  1. faith-filled, theologically sound or cares about truth

  2. admirable

  3. the opposite of Pope Francis

Bishop J. Strickland is so rigid.

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“Rigid” is neutral. Being inflexible can be good or bad. However, the English language is always changing, although attempts to assign new meanings to words rarely seem to catch on, though they do happen. If “rigid” catches on as a synonym for “awesome,” will “flexible” take on a negative meaning as a synonym for, maybe, “pathetic”? That would be flexible. :wink:

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You’re right about things not easily catching on. My Brother and I had a competition when we were young to see who could get a word to become slang (either in school or at the least on our bus). We gave each other a week to complete the challenge and we both failed miserably : )

I remember I chose the word “sweeney,” because I saw a commercial for a bigwig Lawyer out of Cleveland with this name. I was doomed from the start.

Absolutely love the way you defined it.

Although Francis is definitely rigid when it comes to certain issues (when, where, and by whom the TLM can be done.)

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For over 2024 years the Catholic Church has been faith-filled, theologically sound, and cared about the truth. The Holy Spirit has kept it that way (part of the Spirit’s job description). That is what is important. Considering what the Church has been up against, its success in these areas has been admirable.

I’m willing to bet once Pope Francis leaves the pontificate for whatever reason and his works are looked at through a lens that isn’t smeared by Church politics, a lot more people will see him as “rigid”

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