Can love exist if there is no God?

Everyone defines love differently. Some say love is a feeling. Others say love is a verb (shout-out to DC Talk ; ). B16 wrote an encyclical about the different types of love titled, Deus Caritas Est (God is Love). Christian underground hip-hop group, Mars Ill, wrote a song about what Love’s Not and then manChild converted to Catholicism.

Whatever love is to you, do you believe love can exist without God?

I went a little to far on this one and removed my post I did not like what it said.

Now I am curious what you wrote ; )

This is a deep question. There are many ways of looking at the question.

In few words I was basically saying what is the point in a situation where God does not exist and you have no spirit or soul.Love would come down to a basic instinct if God does not exist.

Very simply, Love cannot exist without God because God is love. Really, nothing would exist without God because he created everything

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Nothing would exist God is the cause of all things. He brought the earth into being.

I actually had a kind of question like this before. Thanks to some good teachers, I think love can’t exist without God because to me love is not a primeval instinct. Love is sacrificial, and it makes people do really brave things, and simple kind actions by the Holy Spirit even when it does not benefit them and harms them gravely. Jesus came down to us out of love, and that justifies that God loves us. As well that love can’t be just out of an instinct to mate. Love does not look out for itself, it does not boast, but in contrast to instinct of survival, can put ourselves at risk, at suffering, for the good of others, just like Jesus. God bless always, and hope this helps!


Fyodor Dostoyevsky addressed this question in his novel The Brothers Karamazov. Two of the brothers are sinful and one is holy. They discuss this question and many others, so the author presented several sides of questions, although in many cases the answer favored by his own faith is clear, sometimes voiced by an elder at a monastery. One of the brothers states that if there is no God, then nothing is forbidden. It’s a good book, though somewhat difficult to read, at least for me. I was supposed to read it in high school more than 50 years ago but read it only this past fall.

God is love. There can be no true love without God.

Your answer was so elegant and perfect. Welcome to CatholicTalk : )